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If you’re not familiar with Abalienation, they were the godfathers of the Binghamton punk and hardcore music scene, dominating from the late 1980s through 1998. They combined a blistering attack of punk, metal and hardcore influenced by The Exploited, Dead Kennedys and Black Flag. The band toured the country several times playing with national acts like Fear, Sick of it All, Overkill and White Zombie. They released several tapes (remember those!) as well as the popular local CD, Puke The Truth (which includes the song “A Trillion Lives” from which the tribute band took their name).

Abalienation was founded in 1988 by unmistakable 6’5” twin brothers Mark and Mike Dickinson on guitar and vocals, respectively, with “Big Jim” Hofecker on bass and Louie Short on drums (later incarnations of the band included “Big Jeff”, Matt “Martian” and others on drums).

Mark is still active in the local scene, now better known as Marquis de Blood, frontman/guitarist for horror punk outfit Others. Mike moved to Toronto a decade ago to handle vocals for Murder Squad. Big Jim still lives locally and works as a television producer and director. Louie, Jeff, Matt and the other drummers have scattered locally and in other areas.

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ACTS.**  Bio coming soon. **

Adam Ate The Apple

Adam Ate The Apple from Binghamton, NY. Bio coming soon.

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Adam Marsland

Adam Marsland is an American singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. He is best known as the leader of '90s power pop band Cockeyed Ghost and later for extensive touring and sideman work. He was born in Greene, New York.

Described in SPIN magazine as "a high-energy cross between Brian Wilson, Paul Stanley, and Elton John,” Adam Marsland's pop adventurism and uncanny versatility has earned him one of the more prolific, unusual and intriguing music journeys of the last 20 years. Listeners confronting Marsland's kaleidescopic music and atypical career path for the first time all say exactly the same thing: "How have I never heard of this guy?"

A talented singer, arranger, performer, multi-instrumentalist and "one of the most gifted songwriters to come out of the west coast in a long time" (Time Out-NY), Marsland has pulled off rock, punk, baroque pop, soul and alt-country through the course of eleven albums and 25 tours. When his label collapsed on the week of the release of his band's third CD, he went totally underground, touring alone for 2 1/2 years straight and selling thousands of albums out of the back of a 1994 Toyota Tercel. Returning to L.A., he assembled a jaw-droppingly skilled band featuring a bonafide soul legend who amassed an astounding repertoire of 500 songs and performed complex multi-set tributes to the Beach Boys, Elton John, '70s soul and John Cale. After pulling off a career-defining thematic double album followed immediately by a punk-flavored effort recorded in one day, Marsland then moved on to a third musical stage as a successful session musician and producer. As of 2014, he is now maintaining a simultaneous career as a songwriter, bandleader, session musician AND producer, and has returned to touring not just in the U.S., but all across the world, with a new album poised to at last break this perennially overlooked artist out of cult status.

Cockeyed Ghost/The Big Deal Era

A writer of songs "almost too literate and catchy for mass consumption" (All Music Guide), starting at age 16 Adam scored spotty college and commercial airplay with a series of quirky, self-released cassette and vinyl releases before moving to California to found the high-octane pop-punk band Cockeyed Ghost with current drummer Kurt Medlin. The band signed to Rykodisc-distributed indie Big Deal in 1996 and made two albums, KEEP YOURSELF AMUSED and NEVEREST, appeared with Fastball, Third Eye Blind and Shonen Knife, graced the cover of the L.A. Weekly and even appeared in an NBC-TV movie. A change in membership and a move toward emotional, baroque pop resulted in 1999's THE SCAPEGOAT FACTORY, which The New York Press named album of the year. It also coincided with Big Deal going bankrupt, killing momentum for the band.

The D.I.Y. Era

Marsland fought for and won back the rights to his albums and then pressed on with Cockeyed Ghost's last and finest album, LUDLOW 6:18, a desert rock film noir which came out in May 2001. At first ignored and poorly distributed, Adam hit the road in a series of "One Man, One Car, One Guitar" tours, logging 350 shows and 75,000 miles in the next two years, documented on his 2002 live album 232 DAYS ON THE ROAD. He also found time to contribute keyboards and vocals to L.A. singer/songwriter (and 2008 Tony-winning playwright) Stew and The Negro Problem on tours with Counting Crows and John Mayer and on the highly acclaimed albums JOYS AND CONCERNS and THE NAKED DUTCH PAINTER. The LUDLOW 6:18 CD eventually garnered a small, but devoted following. Bassist Robert Ramos left the band for family reasons shortly thereafter, and the Cockeyed Ghost moniker was retired.

Adam Marsland's Chaos Band

Returning back to Los Angeles, Adam formed an unlikely, but enduring, alliance with the similarly unpredictable soul chanteuse Evie Sands. Along with Cockeyed Ghost alumni Kurt Medlin and Severo and keyboardist John Perry, they cut Adam's solo studio debut YOU DON'T KNOW ME, which was released in 2004 and was the first of Adam's records to garner substantial commercial radio play. Adam Marsland's Chaos Band -- with ex-Dragster Barbie bassist Teresa Cowles replacing Severo, who left to join The Smithereens – began a rigorous playing schedule and stunned audiences with its NRBQ-like versatility, whipping out covers by Dead Kennedys and the O’Jays with equal panache, and playing as many as 60 songs in one night. They then mounted an ambitious tribute to Beach Boys Carl and Dennis Wilson with Beach Boys archivist (and 2013 Grammy Winner) Alan Boyd. This drew the attention of Beach Boy Al Jardine, who appeared with the band at a few shows that year.

Dennis and Carl Wilson Tribute Album

Grammy-award winning engineer Mark Linett (Brian Wilson Presents SMiLE) recorded the band's June 24, 2006 performance for the LONG PROMISED ROAD: SONGS OF DENNIS AND CARL WILSON – LIVE album, which was released over the internet in December and hit record stores March 13, 2007. The album, which showcased the band's harmonic and instrumental versatility and was released with few studio overdubs, was a steady seller throughout the year and even made the short list for a Grammy nomination, missing by only a few votes in the Pop Performance category.

"Daylight Kissing Night - Adam Marsland's Greatest Hits"

In 2008 Adam returned to full-time music-making with a 20 track album called DAYLIGHT KISSING NIGHT: ADAM MARSLAND'S GREATEST HITS released on March 18, 2008. With a artist-breaking $5.99 list price and several new recordings included, the album was his first marketed exclusively to the retail chain since his Big Deal days, and was the subject of an intense word-of-mouth campaign among Adam's fan base. The CD immediately sold out across the U.S. and reached #17 on Amazon's rock chart, followed by a traditional media campaign and a 40-date national tour in the summer.

"Go West"

Upon returning from tour, Adam immediately set to work on his first album of original material in five years. Despite the tragic deaths of two family members and a home invasion during recording, two album's worth of material was assembled around a coming-of-age storyline. The stylistically varied, 23-track double album GO WEST was released on August 18, 2009, immediately shooting to the top of Amazon's best-seller list (#22), followed by an extensive national press and radio campaign and a full-band tour of the U.S. throughout the last quarter of 2009. GO WEST made significant inroads to college radio, with 120 stations adding the record. Many critics and listeners considered the album Adam's finest album to date, but despite its quality (and a popular video for the single "When I Lied To Everyone"), the extreme length and diversity of the album coupled with the difficulties of touring in a recession hindered its breaking through to a larger audience.

"Hello Cleveland"

While on tour, Adam added another achievement to his resume: writing an entire album in the van, and recorded all 14 songs from start to finish with his touring band in one 8-hour session at a studio outside Cleveland, Ohio with noted metal producer Bill Korecky. Titled HELLO CLEVELAND, it was released in January 2010. After 6 years, he also unexpectedly reunited with his bandmates in Cockeyed Ghost for a benefit concert in December 2009. After the release of HELLO CLEVELAND, Adam indicated that he would step back from promoting his own music to work with other artists.

Session/Sideman Work

Adam then became an increasingly sought-after quintuple threat (keyboards/guitar/bass/drums/vocals) session player, bandleader and producer with a reputation for accuracy and detail, most notably after recording and playing live with Hal Blaine, Don Randi and Jerry Cole of the legendary Wrecking Crew. His list of backing credits includes members of the Beach Boys, Stew, Davie Allan, Carnie and Wendy Wilson, Pete Ham of Badfinger (posthumously), Paul Collins, Julia Fordham, Kjehl Johansen (Urinals), Sara Stanley, Rich McCulley, Kaz Murphy, Jeff Merchant and countless others. He acted as producer on soul singer Norman Kelsey's 2007 debut album A Talent For Loving, as well as arranging vocals on Anny Celsi's albums Tangle Free World and January, and music directing the 2008 Carl Wilson Foundation concert at the Roxy Theatre. He opened his home studio to the public in February 2010 and his first production project there, Adam Exler's The Writing's On The Wall, was completed in June.

Adam did some shows co-fronting (with founder Larry Tamblyn) a version of the legendary '60s band The Standells in 2011, producing and writing a number of songs for a proposed comeback album before Adam left the band citing financial strains. This turned out to be a prescient move as the band became mired in litigation almost immediately after his depature. The nearly completed, Adam-produced "Standells" album, much more in the band's classic style than the finished album the band released in 2013, remains unreleased.

Undaunted but wiser, Adam returned to his own production and songwriting career. He also performed with a reunited lineup of the SST art-punk band Trotsky Icepick at their first live shows in 17 years, opening for the Meat Puppets. He inaugurated a series of highly successful "Adam's '70s Shows" with the Chaos Band, backing various artists on songs from that influential decade, and continues to maintain a busy schedule with sideman and production work. Among literally hundreds of sessions he produced include Norman Kelsey's album On The Rebound, featuring help from members of Earth Wind and Fire and X, Harold Honey's Helltown, and extensive work on the forthcoming CD Giraffe by Jeff Cameron, including backing vocals on the lead single, a duet with Three Dog Night vocalist Chuck Negron, "Heroes."

Comeback/ "The Owl and the Full Moon"

In mid 2013, Marsland surprised many by announcing an ambitious return to original music, announcing his most extensive tour ever -- 60 shows covering the entire continental U.S., Canada, England, Holland, Germany and Japan. A new, harmony-laden CD followed entitled The Owl And The Full Moon, which was widely praised as Marsland's most accessible album to date. Reinvigorated by both the reception and after finally being treated for a long-standing illness that had sapped his energy, Marsland built on the momentum as 2014 dawned, announcing another round of international touring and his first-ever comprehensive radio campaign to AAA and non-commercial radio. M:M Music, voted the #1 Independent Radio Promoter in the U.S., has signed on to handle the effort, which for the first time in many years will bring Marsland's music out from the underground and to a wider audience.

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Agents of Exile

Agents of Exile

A fire created by a late Starr.

Inspired by a phone call from the late Mike Starr, Christopher Hall set out to create a band. Mike, the former bass player for Alice n Chains was interested in playing again, and thought Chris would be a great place to start with Chris' cre-dentials as a guitar player.

The first road block came in finding a singer. After contacting former singers from past projects, and trying to find someone who fit the project, Chris was coming up short. Out of frustration, he resorted to Google and typed: "Greatest singer in the World".

A name actually popped up. Craig Charles. Thanks to a fluke comment made by
someone who viewed one of Craig's youtube videos and called him a great singer, Chris finally felt like he was on to something or someone.

After the tragic loss of Mike Starr, Chris, and Craig still moved forward with the project. Fast forward to today, the new band: Agents of Exile has a full length album and are hoping that the sky is the limit, inspired by a Shooting Starr.

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Alpha Brass Band

The Alpha Brass Band from Binghamton, NY.  Bio coming soon.

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And Then There Was Darkness

And Then There Was Darkness is a heavy metal band based in Binghamton, NY formed by co-founders Ed Mosher and Jason Rinker in 2000 under the name 'Stigma'. After 10 years of forging our sound and going through a couple bassists and vocalists that didn't cut it, we finally met Shane Bertrand from Fargo, North Dakota. He has managed to fill the gap and provide the thick, driving rhythm we needed, playing flawlessly through the fastest riffs and making the breakdowns heavy enough to make your girlfriend's panties vibrate off.
So here we stand three strong finally able to live the dream we dreamed ten years ago. Like a lion unleashed from it's cage for the first time. We will fight relentlessly and destroy whatever stands in our way!

And Then There Was Darkness is not only an outlet for our anger and the hatred of society, but also a mirror for those who have been plagued by the injustices of this world to look into, and discover how srong we can be when we work together and unite as one.

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Anti-Product was a hardcore punk band that played for the first time on March 5, 1995 at the Tazmanian Embassy in Binghamton, NY. There were four line-up changes / additions / substitutions over the years and five tours in the US. Antiproduct released two seven inch EPs: one self-release in 1996 and a second EP on Tribal War Records in 1998. Mind Control Records put out the "Iron Columns" 2xLP compilation in 1999 and included a previously unreleased AP song.

Later that year, "The Deafening Silence of Grinding Gears" LP was released by Tribal War Records during the Primate Freedom Tour with Aus-Rotten, Mark Bruback, Fly and Sarah O'Donell. The LP was also released in Germany by Skuld Releases. That summer Antiproduct also played the "More Than Music Festival" in Columbus, OH dedicated to DIY Feminist Politics with Kill The Man Who Questions, Red Monkey, Bread & Circuits, Former Members of Alfonsin and many more.

The band began incorporating cello into new material in early 2000 and toured the east coast of the US with Submission Hold that summer. A song was included on a Farm Sanctuary benefit compilation put out by the Mountain Cooperative in 2001. Antiproduct played very few shows those years while most of the band relocated from upstate NY to Philadelphia. In 2002 "The EP's of AP" CD was released by Tribal War Records and included seven inches, comp tracks and a never released EP.

South Dakota killed the van that summer on the way to meet Submission Hold and Please Inform the Captain This Is A Hijack for a tour of the west coast. Due to health problems, stress and seven years of growing in countless different directions, AP decided to call it a day, just one week into that tour. Antiproduct played for the last time on June 22, 2002 at 924 Gilman Street in Berkeley, CA. Sadness, relief and healing followed.

A second LP was in the works for Ebullition Records, but unfortunately none of the newer material was recorded before the end. The ex-AP members are busy these days pursuing music, art, parenting, school, activism and beyond. Vocalist, Taina Asili was 16 when she joined the band. After 8 years with the band she became the vocalist of Ricanstruction.

  • 1996: 7"EP (Self Released)
  • 1998: 7"EP (Tribal War Records)
  • 1999: The Deafening Silence Of Grinding Gears. LP (Tribal War Records)
  • 1999: The Deafening Silence Of Grinding Gears. LP (Skuld Releases)
  • The EP's Of AP. CD (Tribal War Records)
  • The 7" EPs were all officially untitled but the 1st EP is commonly called "Another Day, Another War" 1996 and the 2nd EP is referred to as "Big Business and the Government Are Both the Fucking Same" 1998.


  • 1999: Iron Columns 2xLP Compilation. Mind Control Records. (World Without Lines)
  • 2001: Farm Sanctuary Benefit CD. Mountain Cooperative. (Billions and Billions Served)

Anubis Spire

Imagine falling asleep in a golden age. Not an age of majestic pyramids and incredible empires but rather an age where individuality and self expression was king. An age when MUSIC had the power to transform and transfix. When varitable demi-gods and Lizard-kings strode the world stage and forever changed the planet with nothing more than poetry, a smouldering Stratocaster or two and the sweet dream of a limitless future. Now, imagine waking to find in it’s place a world hopelessly diminished and shriveled. A world where the powers that be have fostered the negative, self absorbed and impotent notion that NOTHING matters and nothing lasts beyond your momentary attention span.

A world of vapid attitude and hollow posturing, where the sheep think they’re the leaders and the leaders take that carefully crafted illusion all the way to the bank. Where fashion dictates the ridiculing and complete disregard of the past. A world with collective selective amnesia, where the mere hint of that former glory brings terror to the puppetmasters and peer disrespect and condemnation. Now,.. imagine having a choice,… to join the flock and cash in, playing the role of the piper even though you know the path leads only to the slaughterhouse door, OR… awaken, pick up where you left off and hope that there are still a few who can hear and understand. A few who have not been permanently deafened to the call of their own hearts and souls…


Take them lightly at your own peril— ANUBIS SPIRE is awake.

>>>>>>>>Taken from BOOK 9-The church of the closed loop

ANUBIS SPIRE was formed new years day 1998 after an chance jam session the night before. Made up of musical veterans who wanted to write and play music in the mid-seventies style of such bands as Led Zeppelin, Mahavishnu Orchestra, etc., the band set about melding it’s various influences and adding a heavy dose of world and ethnic sounds and a 90′s twist to the mix. The debut CD-OLD LIONS(in the world of snarling sheep) was recorded in a barn, on an antiquated 8 track almost entirely LIVE!

What does ANUBIS SPIRE sound like? One reviewer summed them up as: “Progressive rock from Mars, filtered through Atlantis, india and ancient Egypt and sounding kinda like a fistfight between Jimi Hendrix and John McLaughlin at the base of the great pyramid!” We couldn’t agree more!

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a Satellite Crash

In the fall of 1998, while at a Food Not Bombs feeding, Sean and Paul asked Kevin if he wanted to start a political, chaotic hardcore band. It only took Kevin a minute to say yes. Now there was the singer, guitar player, and the bass player. At the was left was to find a drummer and a second guitar player to round out the pulsating monstrosity. A few days later, Sean, Paul, and Kevin got together in Paul’s basement and began working on the first song. The following week Bijoy, the Republican, was asked to join in on the mayhem. He gladly accepted the role and completed the rhythm section of the band. The four gnarly youths had about two or three practices without a second guitar player. Kevin was in another band with Derek so he asked Derek if he wanted to join the band. Derek agreed and the band began writing more songs as a whole unit.

Once the band had six songs they felt that it was time to unleash the beast. It took a very long time to decide on a name. Nobody could agree on anything. The first show that they played was a big benefit for Food Not Bombs with almost every band in Binghamton. At the time of the show they were called Silent Spring. Shortly after that show they finally agreed upon a Satellite Crash. (the “a” is suppossed to be lower case). They tried to play as many local shows as they could. With school and work it was a bit difficult. In the late fall of that year the band made a trek up to Albany to record their first demo, Project Mercury. Two hundred of these were originally made and they went pretty quickly. After the release of Project Mercury the band started to develop a local following. The quickly became known for their insane live shows where anything could happen. a Satellite Crash chiefly played in the Binghamton area for a while do to other commitments. They did play in Albany and in Buffalo.

In the summer of 1999 the band took a three month long hiatus. Sean went to Boston to work for a leftist magazine, Paul spent the summer studying in South Africa, and Bijoy went to work in Albany for the summer. Kevin and Derek continued with their other band. When the summer was over and the semester started back up again the band got right back into the swing of things. They spent a few weeks practicing and working on new material. As a result of sending out some of the Project Mercury demos the band got some good reviews and an offer by a great guy named Jamil who runs Spiritfall Records. He heard the demo and asked if he could put out a seven inch with the band. The band agreed. The idea for a seven inch eventually turned into a split twelve inch with a band from New Jersey called, Neil Perry. The band packed up their gear and drove to New Jersey to record for the upcoming release. They spent an entire Saturday recording three new songs and redoing three old tunes. The next day the boys went to Philadelphia to play the first ever Lost Film Festival.

In January of 2000, the band embarked on their first tour. Seven days and seven nights. The band members got to learn a lot about one another on that tour. They met a great deal of awesome people and got to play with some amazing bands. While awaiting the arrival of the split twelve inch, a Satellite Crash went back into the studio, this time in Binghamton, and began recording more material. One song is going to be on a Mountain Records comp. for Farm Sanctuary that should be out this summer. The band decided to use the songs they recorded to put towards another self released effort.

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