Mission Statement

What's Goin' On Binghamton is the Southern Tier's Independent Media. This concept is the creation of two Experienced Local Industry professionals and like minded team members, who were not satisfied with the way traditional "leading" mainstream print, televised media and some social media sites had forsaken the less mainstream happenings of the Southern Tier, apparently in favor of their own agendas.

Our team decided to highlight as many of the more positive things this area has to offer that we could, but you would rarely hear about. (The things paid professionals should actually be providing to you, but often didn't). Additionally, our focus was for ALL of Greater Binghamton, a concept that was greatly received considering that at the time we started, (the areas "leading" established media and aforementioned social media's) focus was primarily placed upon higher visibility events and so called trendy downtown locations.

We started providing in depth video analysis for events of local interest, created a portal for current events and artists' creations, and delivered the great stories and forgotten history of the area. Our goal is to feed the interest of the local knowledge hungry.

Our team will continue to use all of our creative energy to continue to make this goal a reality.


Damian Martin  Co-Creator

Executive Producer

Growing up on the west side of Binghamton, Damian picked up an old video camera at age 12 and never looked back. While attending Binghamton High School, he produced several journalistic video diaries of things goin on in Binghamton. This turned into a a self produced local independent tv show called Skit Farm. The program highlighted Binghamton activities and artists and even video "field trips" to places of interest. Skit Farm was an instant local hit and eventually grew to several different cities nationwide as a result of circulating video tapes (remember those??), long before youTube was around. Damian worked on several Films in high school including Rainman. This opened the door to celebrity appearances on Skit Farm including Ray Romano, Quiet Riot, Lisa Loeb, The Village People and more. He also worked with Bill Cosby on You bet Your Life, while at Temple University in Philadelphia where he studied Broadcast Television, Film and Audio Production. Damian worked on other high profile films, including Philadelphia, Malcom X, Ali and The Sixth Sense. He owns Damian Martin Tv Video. Some of his favorite hangouts are The Belmar, Cyber Cafe West and The Roberson.

Fun Fact: While working on the movie Philadelphia, he (successfully) said to Tom Hanks, "Watch out you jerk".



Ken Morrison  Co-Creator

Digital Content and Communications Manager

Ken moved to the Southern Tier in late 2007. (Very late, New Years eve to be exact.) He moved here from the Buffalo area where he was a respected photo journalist and videographer.  In that capacity, he worked with several regional bands and also national acts. Ken has promoted the careers of several national and international bands as well. As an award winning producer, he's worked on several tv shows, music videos and movies, including Trading Spaces, The Raven, Poultrygeist and Bruce Almighty. He was the Executive Producer of  "The Real Rock Show", which aired in 10 states. Ken is proud to be a former employee of the UPN and FOX Networks. When Ken is not busy working on the next segment for What's Goin' On Binghamton, he spends his time with his wife and daughter.  When looking to waste some quality time, you might find him at Sound Go Round, Cyber Cafe West, or Animal Adventure. Ken firmly believes the Binghamton area will rise again. He is something of a Renaissance man.

Fun fact: Ken actually got to see The Boondock Saints on the big screen. His favorite line from the movie? "Is it dead?"


 Mark Dickinson a.k.a. Marquis DeBlood

 Executive Producer

Mark currently resides in Binghamton, N.Y. with his wife Jessiy and their 6 cats. He plays in the gothic horror metal band "Others" and he also used to play in the Death Rock band "Lugosi's Morphine" out of Scranton PA. Mark was a founding member of Binghamton punk legends, Abalienation. He has released over 50 albums. Mark writes horror novelettes, dark poetry and has published nine books, "A Tragedy Unfolds", "The Last Vampyr", "King of Terror" and the poetry collections - "Embrace the Darkness" and "Blood Soaked Moon" to name a few. He also scores independent films. Mark enjoys reading, writing music, watching NCSI, Bones, Wipeout, Jeopardy and Supernatural. He loves classic horror movies and things that go bump in the night. Mark owns and runs the website Horror-Punks.com, a social network geared to promoting underground bands, films, literature, art and more. He has released a children's book entitled - "The Pumpkin King". Mark creates videos/movies, records & produces bands. He also works at Mansion Audio doing CD/video layouts and creating band logos. An avid ghost hunter, Mark leads his group H-P Paranormal (H.P.P.). He has a new short Story Collection out now entitled "The Crimson Tear". His band 'Others' recently released "Our Hearts Turn Black" in April of 2014. He wrote and stared in the short film "Into the Arms of Death". An ode to the classic silent horror film. Part 2 is currently in the works entitled "Curse of the Vampire". He also stared in the local film "Demon Messenger" and "House on Ghost Hill Road" (now in post production) from I Am Horror Productions.

Fun Fact: Mark thinks pudding is overrated.

Matt Ealy Sr.


With over 12 years in professional media productions experience, Matthew Ealy is able to create and develop on a wide variety of platforms. As a videographer, editor, creative services assistant, production assistant, and live truck operator for WBNG-TV (#1 station in Binghamton, NY) and Metro Video News (a division of WestwoodOne – Houston, TX), he has procured the expertise necessary to undertake a multitude of diverse media productions. As the Chief Photographer for WICZ-TV (Binghamton, NY), Matt developed and managed a team of AP award-winning media professionals as well as earned an individual award for “Best Series in Journalism” (2010).

Matt has years of experience in creating, producing, and editing music videos, commercials, and videography for personal/corporate events. For the past 4 years, he has focused on freelance opportunities that have allowed him to expand into additional media projects. Some of his most recent projects include: camera operator, editor, and production assistant on TV/Film projects Minds of Men and The Spirited Actor; associate producer, videographer, and editor on Boys and Girls: The Series; and a myriad of projects as a videographer for news/media website - Alleywire.