Binghamton City Limits today at McGirk's with Strauss and Company

This week's installment of Binghamton City Limits starts at 3pm and will be hosted by Strauss and Company. Who will be there to jam with them? You'll just have to get yourself to McGirk's and find out.

Wait - you've never been to Binghamton City Limits? Well, they always have good food and good music, but if that's not enough to get you to go - here's some more info about the weekly event.

Reaching to all realms of greater Binghamton (and perhaps beyond), McGirk’s Irish Pub hosts an invitational Jam session of varying genres on Sunday afternoons on the Jameson® Sound Stage. We’re talking real original music, this is the good stuff.

Working musicians are tied up on the popular nights for performing – weekends and the coattails of such. But when do they have time to play some of their original material, on a stage and jam it out with other musician friends? We love our dancing crowds who want to hear some favorites – but there’s a serious need for some stage time of new, original music. 

So beginning in the good old 13901 and stretching to 13745, select Sundays will be hosted by a prominent musician from the area from varying genres. The host does the invite, and all you have to do is be there, to witness something special. It’s almost as if this is a live studio session with a melting pot of bands, why not spend the late Sunday afternoon with the beauty of original music and new bonds made through melody, harmony and happy accidents.

McGirk's Irish Pub
1 Kattelville Rd
Binghamton, NY

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