Binghamton Music Honors and Greater Binghamton Music Hall Of Fame announcement

For Immediate Release -

Binghamton, NY

What's Goin' On Binghamton, Power and Fury Entertainment and Damian Martin TV/Video are proud to announce the formation of the "Binghamton Music Honors" and the Greater Binghamton Music Hall of Fame.

The "Binghamton Music Honors", is a forthcoming yearly event that will Honor musicians and music industry professionals from, or associated with the Greater Binghamton area.

The "Binghamton Music Honors" is not an "awards show" per se, but a formal event that will recognize the efforts of musicians and music industry professionals from the past and present. Think Kennedy Center Honors meets Greater Binghamton. (In a positive way).

Also included in the yearly event will be live performances as well as reunions of artists who have not appeared in this area for quite some time.

We have been involved with this project for quite a while, but have been making in depth preparations to get this off the ground and done the right way.

We expect growing pains of course, but we also fully expect that this will bring well deserved attention to talent in this area that is sadly overlooked.

In addition to, the "Binghamton Music Honors" we will also be creating a "Greater Binghamton Music Hall of Fame" with exhibits in a permanent home in the coming years as well.

For now, please check back in with us, or visit the "Binghamton Music Honors" Facebook page (and forthcoming website) for more information.

There will be a formal press conference in the coming months.

Consider this your "inside scoop".

For more detailed information, send inquiries to Ken Morrison at:


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