Broome County Resident appearing again on the Steve Harvey show February 12th

By Ken Morrison 

For the 2nd time in two years, Broome County resident Bri Anna B. will be appearing on the Steve Harvey show on Friday February 12th. Friday's episode is a special segment. She is the middle girl pictured here. Photo provided by the Steve Harvey Show.

How did she get on the show again you ask?

According to Bri Anna, " Basically, as most know - Steve calls himself the "CLO" (Chief Love Officer) - that's why he does so many segments involving romance or dating. Well, Steve chose his favorite girl from each season that never found love and brought us back to hand select our "perfect guy" for us for a "2nd chance at romance" before Valentines Day. I was on season 3, and very excited to know I was a favorite!. The show called a month or so ago asking if I'd be available for another taping/segment, and of course I agreed!"

Will Bri Anna find love?

Tune in tomorrow to find out!

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