Celtica - Pipes Rock! return to Binghamton March 21st

  By Ken Morrison

Binghamton is lucky enough to have a return appearance from area favorite Celtica, at McGirk's Irish Pub on March 21st. I recently caught up with guitarist Gajus Stappen, while he was winging his way over the Atlantic.

KM: Hi Gajus, thank you as always for taking time out of your busy schedule to speak with me. 

G.: Thanks again for your interest, I´m replying during our transatlantic flight from Vienna to Chicago, somewhere between England and Greenland…. 

KM: I know it's just been a few months since we've talked, so what's been happening with Celtica

G.: Besides usual stuff like playing shows – so far in Florida, Austria, France and California- and preparing the the upcoming tours in the US and Europe, I started writing new tunes for our next album which should be released in 2020. 

KM: That's great, I'm sure you'll be putting something special together again.  This time around, will you be bringing the full band to Binghamton

G.: Yes, you will hear and see the full original line up! 

KM: As I mentioned earlier, we were lucky to have Celtica here in Binghamton just a few months back. I'm not sure if you realize or not just how popular Celtica has become in this area. I guess you could call Binghamton a "Celtica hot spot". Is that happening for you around the world now as well? 

G.: Oh, wow, thanks for telling us! We really enjoy coming to Binghamton! Yes, indeed, we have also some other hot spots where we get invited quite frequently. In Europe there is the Dortmund-area and also around Frankfurt, in France the very south-east, in Spain the very south-west and in the US Hawaii: We are there at least once a year, sometimes even twice… 

KM: When we talked before, you said that Celtica was looking to expand to new areas like India and Australia. Are there any other exotic locales you haven't been able to play yet that are in the works? 

G.: We got nominated for the Australian Celtic Music Award as International Artist of the Year which will be announced on May 4th; If we really win it, it looks very good for the 1st Celtica Tour in Australia in 2020. Possibly India also, we should know more by April, so please (keep your) fingers crossed that we make it to Mumbai in December!  

CELTICA: Carmina Celtica (Official Video)

KM: Those are some great locations, and best of luck with your Australian Nomination!

KM: You mentioned that you've started work on new material, what do you think might be your inspiration or direction this time around? 

G.: Yes, I already started to work on new tunes for our next album. I have a quite clear idea about what it should sound like, and even some images in my head, but so far I couldn't find the right words or theme to describe it. I have visions of majestic mountains, dramatic sunsets, gigantic waterfalls, and it will be bright and powerful compared to Steamphonia, which was a more dark and sinister album. Also a bit more Celtic, but also with the orchestral, symphonic sound. 

KM: That sounds amazing. I think I can already picture some of it myself.


Thank you Gajus, we will be looking forward to Celtica on March 21st! 

G.: Thanks, we are looking forward to rrrock McGirk´s again! 

Cheers, Gajus

Well, there you have it. Celtica returns to Binghamton!

More about the band:

CELTICA –Pipes rock! The 6–piece band shows with its battle cry their musical direction: The majestic-mystic sound of the Great Highland Bagpipe elevates above the powerful rock band, the masterly played violin expends the unique style with symphonic-epic melodies. Influences of Irish Folk, Symphonic Metal, and even Gothic merge with the energetic Celtic music, full of lust of life. This sound, as international as the musicians-coming from Scotland, USA, Bulgaria and Austria-and the spectacular show guarantee a concert no one will ever forget. Mystic torches on the bagpipes and burning drumsticks, thundering against huge drums, create a celtic atmosphere, flames, shooting out of the instruments, entertain every audience worldwide...

Show Details:

Thursday March 21st

McGirk's Irish Pub

1 Kattelville Rd

Binghamton, NY 13901

Tickets at the Door




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