Celtica returning to Binghamton 3/25 & 3/26

  By Ken Morrison

In what is quickly becoming an area tradition, Celtica - those masters of Great Highland music are returning to McGirk's Irish Pub for not one, but two shows this Sunday and Monday! I've had another exclusive chat with Gajus Stappen to find out what's going on with Celtica. I caught up with him, on the road in NYC. 

KM: Thank you for taking the time to speak with me again Gajus

GS: Hi, thanks again for your interest! 

KM: Last time I spoke with you, you were working feverishly to finish up production on Celtica’s first ever live DVD, from the Montelago Celtic Festival in Italy. I’ve seen some footage online, it really looks amazing! 

Live at Montelago teaser

KM: Speaking of Montelago - you’ve performed over 400 live shows in all kinds of venues around the world. So, how did it feel performing your traditional music, with a classical orchestra and choir in a large concert setting? 

GS: It was an absolutely outstanding night! After months of preparations, of really hard work and incredible experiences, it was like a dream when suddenly all came together like in the vision I had months ago – and even better, as it was for real! 

KM: In addition to the Live Video, you’ve also released a 2CD set of the concert. How well has your first Live CD been received? 

GS: I am very happy as we got very, very good reviews! It was highly appreciated that we succeeded in capturing the incredible live atmosphere with perfect sound quality. We still get overwhelming feedback from people from all over the world! 

KM: We missed out on Aya and her violin last time Celtica was here. Will we get to see all 6 members performing in Binghamton this time around? 

GS: Yes, absolutely, we will perform there I the full original line up, including Aya on violin and also Tom, our drummer, who is the very 1st time in the US. 

KM: We seem to have had an endless winter here in Binghamton lately, one bright spot is that you’re playing not one, but two pub shows at McGirk’s. One is traditional and the other is Steampunk oriented. We don’t see much (if any) Steampunk in this area. What can the fans expect? 

GS: We will bring a Best of of our 4 albums, so it will be a blend of traditionals in our Rock-sound  and original tunes – be prepared to get an outstanding show! 

KM: You are Celtica’s guitar player, and you are also one of the creative minds behind the band. With that, you wear a lot of hats. Besides touring, what’s on the horizon for Celtica

GS: I´m working on editing the DVD of the Montelago-show. This will be a milestone for Celtica as it is the 1st time that our fans can watch one of our best shows ever in best quality. Hopefully it will be available in June. 

KM: One last fun question. It’s become a tradition when Celtica comes to town to send “beverages” to the stage ;). What’s your favorite? 

GS: Well, there are some: Guiness is always a bet, but not for the whole evening; Personally, I like Lager-beer, but also a smooth Whisk(e)y is welcome any time…;-) 

KM: Thank you for speaking with me again Gajus. Binghamton fans always look forward to Celtica’s return to our area, and the band always put on a high energy, high intensity show!

GS: Looking forward to meeting you all

Well, there you have it folks. If you want to see a truly international band, full of energy and excitement - then all you have to do is get yourselves down to McGirk's on Sunday or Monday, or both! I'm kind of interested to see what they will do with the "Steampunk" show on Monday myself!

Also, rumor has it that there will be a "Best Dressed" contest taking place during Monday's performance...

Tickets are $20 and are available at the door.


Sunday and Monday 7-10pm

McGirk's Irish Pub  

1 Kattelville Rd  

Binghamton, NY 13901 





An interesting Non Celtica side project note. Celtica bagpiper, Jane Espie, just hit it BIG with her collaboration with two more fantastic female bagpipers in their first video "Shipping Up to Boston / Enter Sandman". Celtica bassist Harald Weinkum is also an important part of the project. This is the hottest thing in bagpipe music since ... well, since forever! Check out the video below.

Shipping Up to Boston / Enter Sandman



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