Grandma and Meet the Patels start Friday at Art Mission

For all you indie film fans out there, Art Mission Theater brings us not one, but two new films this week!

First up - Grandma, starring Lily Tomlin as Elle Reid (her first leading role in 27 years) and Julia Garner as Sage. Divided over six chapters, "Grandma" tells the story of Elle, a lesbian poet coping with the recent death of her long-term life partner. When Ellie discovers that her 18-year-old granddaughter Sage is pregnant, the two embark on a road trip to come to terms with their troubles.

Also showing - Meet the Patels, Actor Ravi Patel is in his 30s, but neither he nor his sister are married, to the chagrin of his parents Vasant and Champa (an accomplished match-maker) who had an arranged marriage. In fact, Ravi has been, without his parents' knowledge, dating Audrey, a non-Indian woman (whom he had recently broken up with).

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