Oliver The Giraffe Prepares For Travel To New Home In Broome County

News For Immediate Release Thursday, April 16th, 2015:

For More Information Jordan Patch: (607) 760-7433

Animal Adventure To Welcome Broome County’s First Giraffe in 50 Years

(HARPURSVILLE, NY) -- Animal Adventure today announced its newest resident, Oliver, a nearly three-year-old,

12-foot-tall Reticulated Giraffe, will soon arrive at his new home, Animal Adventure in Harpursville.

Animal Adventure, a Federal and State-regulated facility, will be one of only three privately held animal parks in

New York with Giraffes.

“We are excited to welcome Giraffes back to Broome County,” said Animal Adventure Owner Jordan Patch. “Oliver

will be a tremendous addition to Animal Adventure as we seek to educate the public and provide unique, up-close

encounters with our animal ambassadors.”

Oliver is making an eight-hour commute from his current home in Ohio, in a 13-foot-high trailer; he will be checked

on every two hours to ensure safe travel. He will remain standing for transport, as Giraffes prefer to be on their

feet. The trailer is equipped with an adjustable-roof system, but will not be necessary because Oliver currently

stands 12-feet-tall. Only a few firms have trailers designed specifically for Giraffe transportation.

Due to their sensitive nature, Giraffes are not sedated or drugged for transportation. The Giraffe has the highest

blood pressure in the mammal world, so stress is a major concern, and is mitigated at all costs.

Animal Adventure began planning for Oliver’s arrival in June 2014. A new 1,800 squat foot Giraffe Barn has been

constructed. He will reside inside for one to two weeks, allowing him to become familiar and comfortable in his

new home. After his time inside, he will be allowed access to his 10,000 square foot Giraffe Yard.

Oliver will grow to between 16 and 18-feet-tall, and weigh up to 2,600 pounds; his species is native to north- eastern Kenya, southern

Ethiopia, and Somalia.

Guests can first meet Oliver during Animal Adventure’s Third Annual Opening Weekend, this Memorial Day, Friday,

May 22nd – Monday, May 25th, 2015.

Animal Adventure is located at 85 Martin Hill Road in Harpursville.

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