Sabaton Slays Binghamton!

By Ken Morrison

Swedish Power Metal Band Sabaton rolled into (and later rolled over) a very hungry crowd at Magic City Music Hall in Binghamton, NY. On tour with Trivium, they are currently providing direct support with Huntress. In a crowd easily 500 strong, it was difficult to find someone who was not wearing a Sabaton shirt.

After a terrific opening set by Huntress, the mood immediately changed as the crowd moved closer to the stage in anticipation of Sabaton's first appearance in the area.

As the lights went down, the crowd immediately roared in unison, "SABATON, SABATON". When the bands' signature intro The March To War began, nearly everyone in attendance sang along as it played on. Then all hell broke loose as Hannes Van Dahl appeared, waved his drum sticks and revved the crowd up.

Starting off with Ghost Division, they pulled no punches and the crowd totally ate it up. Two songs from their new album The Last Stand, Sparta and Blood of Bannockburn followed. At this point the band took a break and Lead Singer Joakim Brodén, worked the crowd and even pointed to someone up front who was holding a banner and asked, "are you the guy who's been following us from show to show?". Band introductions followed as they picked back up with Carolus Rex and 40:1.

With the level of energy and enthusiasm from the band, and the reactions from the crowd - it was hard to believe that Sabaton was not the headlining act. Lead guitarists Chris Rörland and Tommy Johansson tore through every song, while bassist Pär Sundström and drummer Hannes Van Dahl provided solid rhythm. What was most important was the fact that the band were clearly enjoying themselves and the crowd too. The middle of their set brought Lost Battalion, To Hell and Back and Winged Hussars.

One more break while Joakim worked the crowd again, and then they pulled out the stops for Night Witches and Primo Victoria. Fists in the air, and chants for Sabaton continued after their last song was over and the lights came up. Later on they met with grateful fans.

If you get a chance to see them again while in the US, you won't be sorry.

For more information about Sabaton, visit their official site


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