The Pink Floyd Experience

The Pink Floyd Experience is coming to Magic City Music Hall on March 4th. 

The Pink Floyd Experience (PFX) is much more than a flawless recreation of the legendary songs that spanned decades in their appeal. PFX echoes everything that made Pink Floyd one of rock & roll’s greatest icons. It’s a celebration of the music, themes and innovation that this great band brought to fans around the world. It is Pink Floyd, up close and personal, without losing the scope and power of their performance. Their North American Premiere Tour in 2004 sold more than 40,000 tickets, earning nearly $1.5 million in Gross Box Office receipts, including two sell-out shows in Toronto ($230,590 Gross) and one sell-out in Vancouver ($95,033 Gross). The band’s popularity remains high, having sold nearly a half-million concert tickets in the US since 2006, with annual tours averaging over $1 million gross sales. 

In a two-hour show, performed live with six musicians and over $2.5 million worth of production equipment, perhaps PFX should come with a warning for potential “retinal damage.” But fans won’t turn their heads away, as the massive light show and HD projection brings the show onto their laps. Even the icons that Pink Floyd have made their own – from the blinking eye to the marching hammers – have been translated into clever hooks along the ride. Imagine your hair literally swept up by the helicopter that introduces their next song. Hear the cash registers in Money, or the clocks in Time, run around the room. Not to leave the fans wanting more, the show finishes with a 12-foot long Pig blimp that flies over the audience and balconies in homage to Pink Floyd’s most familiar image! There’s  much more from the classic airplane crash, to floating eyeballs in the crowd…but we better leave a few surprises for the actual show. 

Don’t be fooled by imposters! This is truly the unforgettable re-interpretation of a classic. It is the full Pink Floyd Experience!

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