V. R. Experience by The Dream Wanderer at the Garage 5/30/17

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 The Dream Wanderer mobile virtual reality bus is pulling into The Garage in downtown Binghamton, NY., at 211 Washington St. — check it out before it’s gone! On 5/30/2017 , Flatsitter Media Arts Collective will be hosting a site-specific virtual reality installation as part of their nationwide tour in the Dream Wanderer bus. 

Guests are in store for a “gorgeous and immersive” virtual reality exploration of spiritualism, vivid dreaming and the afterlife. This original experience is titled “Lily Dale” and is based on a small faith-based utopian community in Western New York called Lily Dale. Everyone that lives in this town believes that we never die. 

Suggested $5 donation. 

This has never been done before… 

The Dream Wanderer was once a forgotten Ford Econoline transit shuttle parked in the back lot at a used car dealership in Olean, NY. After being gutted and wrapped and retrofitted, the Dream Wanderer has a third life as a touring virtual reality gallery showcasing all-original virtual reality artworks by Buffalo-based arts collective Flatsitter. 

For the past five months, The Dream Wanderer has visited 30+ cities in 3 countries, and parked and exhibited for: art fair denizens in Miami and Mexico City; drunks, punks, and monks in New Orleans; surfers in Oaxaca; Poutine-lovers in Ontario; and movie stars in Los Angeles. 

So far, tour stops have included Miami Beach (Satellite Art Fair during Art Basel), Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp in Central Florida, SOUP Experimental Space (Tallahassee), The Music Box Village (New Orleans), The French Quarter (New Orleans), Cheer Up Charlie’s (Austin, TX), Museum of Human Achievement (Austin, TX), Pump Project (Austin, TX), Convivio (Oaxaca), Material Art Fair (Mexico City), and Lawn Gnome Books (Phoenix), NOMAD (Los Angeles), Marfa Myths (Marfa), SXSW (Austin), Castillo Blanc0 (New Orleans), Ace Hotel (Pittsburgh), and Elephant Gallery (Nashville). Upcoming stops include Moogfest (Durham, NC) in May and Ace Hotel + Knockdown Center (NYC) in June. 


The original virtual reality work being exhibited is titled Lily Dale and is a VR exploration of spiritualism, vivid dreaming, and the afterlife, and is based on the beliefs of a small utopian community in Western New York. The Austin Chronicle described it as "a virtual reality experience that’s on the weirder side of sublime, that’s eerie and personal and arranged like a beautiful immersive installation" and we had a nifty preview write up in Creator's Project. This experience features a custom-drawn tarot deck and 20 different VR vignettes for multiple viewings. More info: http://lilydale.flatsitter.com/ 

Lily Dale was founded in 1879 in Western New York as a camp and meeting place for Spiritualists and Freethinkers. Residents of this small town claim to communicate with the dead. The ‘Guidelines for Spiritualism’ are posted on the wall of the Assembly Hall in downtown Lily Dale and guideline #4 reads: “We Never Die” 

The virtual reality experience incorporates interviews with Lily Dale resident mediums, motion capture from movement artist Ginger Wagg, and a deck of hand-drawn tarot cards by artist Bobby Griffiths.

FLATSITTER is an interdisciplinary collaborative led by Kyle Marler that incorporates video, film, virtual reality, performance and installation. The artistic works explore the periphery of our comprehension of human consciousness, and are exhibited in an array of formats, such as ephemeral web collections, live performances, site-specific installations, short films, and live virtual reality experiences.

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